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Top 100 Underground Technology Websites


Proxz.com - free proxy servers
Free proxy servers here. Large forum community with daily updated proxies.

Japaneze bizarre linkz site.

ALBoRaaQ-HaCkErS ------ Real Hackers is Here Bro
Get free rapidshare unlocked accounts. 1000 of downloads, streaming videos,ftp ,PAYPAL, VISA,BANK LOGIN,Master Card,downloads, warez downloads, huge log dumps, Porn Accounts all you need is availible. stealers, crypters, latest tutorials, gfx, every thing you need is here just register and Get.

Indonesian hacker newbie community.

Hacking be enlightened before being victimised
This site is aimed at informing the general public about what hacking is. It is aimed at providing basic computer information tips for hack prevention. It shows clearly the difference between black hat and white hat hackers.

Hash Cracker Online
Hash cracker is a web-service that allows you to encrypt your passwordsor crack database with over 40 million of unique hashes your hashed passwords with MD5, SHA1 or NTLM algorithms.You can also encode or decode texts with Base64 system.

I-Hacked.com Taking Advantage of Technology
Electronics are everywhere, and technology drives pretty much everything we do in today's world. We show you how to take advantage of these electronics to make them faster, give them added features, or to do things they were never intended to do. We are not a cracking site, we are hackers. Our inquisitive nature leads us to find ways of making technology work for us. We do not support unauthorized access into systems, breaking into email systems, or anything of that nature. Please do not email me asking me how to do this type of stuff.

Xroxy Proxies
More than just proxy. Proxy lists of different kinds. Xorum proxy message board. CGI web proxy service with SSL support.

SecurityOverride offers pen-testing tutorials, hacking challenges, security articles, exploits, tools, and more.. Our main goals are to help you develop your penetration testing skills, and to help you prevent security attacks in the future.In order to learn computer security you must first learn how to breach it.

Free Porn Passwords
The best porn passwords on the internet

The Elite Hackers Site
This is the ultimate resource for all of your hacking needs. This is the only site on the web that will invite newbies in, and not let them leave, not until they're elite, anyway.From basic tutorials and setups, to remote protocols, strategies, viruses, and much more, we have everything you need to become one of the elite. All you need is to be 15 and have an open mind.

Cyber INdia FoRcE
New Hacking sitE..Get Hacking news, Learn Free sQL ,blind sQL,Xss,DnN Hacking Fresh site For New Hackerz...Sell Ur Dumps,Pc tricks,virus,Get rapidshare, WHY Waiting..Enter Here Premium stuff is available for all Members For Free.. Many kinds of Premium acces like rapidshare megaupload and others account dumps are available. accountdumps databases will be dumped and manymore.. recently introduced programming sections for learning teaching coding VIP is open as well and more...

Templates Premium scripts, premium templates.. 0Day Music, Apps, New Movies..

passpage - pass to unlimited porn
daily new pure quality passwords in members section

Selling private hacking tools, botnets, keyloggers etc.

German Warez Xvid DvD GameZ AppZ etc. Alles als CCF DLC RSDF auf Rapidshare und Uploaded

Hackers Home Page
Comprehensive on-line catalog designed for the serious hacker, phreaker, cracker, casino cheater, dss and cable tv user, spy, financial hacker, and electronics enthusiast.


Computer Security Site offering radical opinions, exploits, disscusion forum, irc chat, and text files.

Enigma Group Free Hackers Training
Enigma Group is a legal and safe network security resource where users test their hacking skills on various challenges and learn about hacking and new network security.

Troyanosyvirus is an spanish blog devoted to the study of malware.

Latest Security News, Trojan alerts, Vulnerabilities, Exploits, DDOS, Firewalls and much more

CC, PayPals, Dumps, Track2, Memberships, Hacking Tools, Exploits, Watch Tutorials, Request anything you need, View, Watch or Download Latest Movies, Music, Wallpapers and Porn Section and Gallery and a VIP Area to get Anything you need and More at Hackerz5.com , It is Better Place then Others because It Update every Half Second, SO Stay in Touch, Enjoy your Stay and Keep Posting...

code security
Black Hat Indonesia code security

One of the oldest web security communities in the world.Security through insecurity is our slogan and everyone is welcome to join.Please feel free to join us and help us to bring new light and understanding to the scene.

hacking,security tips, appz,programming and many others features.

TS- For all your informatoin security needs..
Triviasecurity.net - For all your security needs - Dedicated in providing the latest security headlines, exploits codes, live security war games, general computing, programming, web-development, phreaking info, downloads, tutorials, articles, virus info, tools, free proxies and a lot more.

IT Education Hacking
This is the ultimate resource for all of your hacking needs. This is the only site on the web that will invite newbies in, and not let them leave, not until they're elite, anyway.From basic tutorials and setups, to remote protocols, strategies, viruses, and much more, we have everything you need to become one of the elite. All you need is to be 15 and have an open mind.Anti-Yahoo site. Updated daily. We have everything...except that porn your sister made when she was in college.

Romanian Security Brakers
Vrei sa devii hacker poti dak ai minte si esti istet sau doar vrei sa sti mai multe despre lumea calculatoarelor alaturi de noi poti realiza aceste lucruri

H4ck3R Army, H4ck3R.iN,All the things related to hacking and security.Hacking, Hack crew, Hacking group, Hackers, Coders, Coding, Programming, Hack programming, Cyber Security, InfoSec, Information Security, Cyber Freedom Fighters, Hacktivism, Blackhat hacking, Greyhat hacking, Whitehat hacking,Pen testing, Penetration tester,Information harvesting, Doxing, Cyber Attack methodologies, Web exploitation, Malware analysis, bot, virus, SQLi, SQLI, sql injection, Xss exploits, XSS, Wifi hacking, Rfi attacking, Lfi attacking, amit, Chip, Rahul19285, Rockey Killer, VzAcnY, ZeroCold, niper, Flawless, w4rl0ck.d0wn, w0lf, Dark Wrath, piyush, master_g, th3.g4m3_0v3r, Theoc_No, rugby21_22, Shubhneet Goel, Awesome.

Espaol:----------------------------------------------Sitio dedicado a la indetectabilidad de Malwares Como ser RATS,Crypters,Binders,Keyloggers,Stealers,Bonets,Contamos con Secciones de Seguridad Web,y foros como Bug,Exploit,Tecnica defacing.. Entra y se parte de Nosotros que cada dia estamos Creciendo gracias a todos nuestros User.. TE ESPERAMOS...----------------------------------------------English:----------------------------------------------Site dedicated to the nondetection of malware as being RATS, Crypters, Binders, Keyloggers, Stealers, Bonets, Our Web Security Sections, and forums such as Bug, Exploit, Defacing Technical .. Log in and be part of us that we are growing day by day thanks to all our User .. WAITING FOR YOU ...----------------------------------------------

Proxy Advertising Platform
New proxy web sites are published here for free. No registration required.

The infamous website turned message board. Such topics include software, hardware, torrents, .txt files, bbs, ascii, hacking, phreaking, security, encryption, and programing.

uNkn0wn.eu - Security board.
uNkn0wn.eu - Security board since 2006 - get help about everything you need - daily updated with best rises from brains of our members - fresh Packers - Crypters - Protectors -over 100- - Related sources - RATs - BOTs - Proxys, socks - etc.. - enjoy getting now what you always dreamed to get - feel free to checkout our board and register - we're sure you wont repent it.

. k0d.cc .
First Russian Site About Hacking. That's All.

H4kz Forums
Grey Hat Hacker's Community h4kz forums your way to knowledge, h4kin9, hacker's, metasploit, sattelite, pc hacking, security, hacking, etc ....

Free anonymous cgi proxy browser
Protect your privacy and surf without leaving any trails

ThE best Arabic security forum where you can learn how to write your own exploits win32/unix, different kinds of attacks and methodologies, metasploit, shellcodes and much more ARAB ETHICAL HACKING, PENETRATION TESTING WEB APPLICATION SECURITY SYSTEM.

Your number one source for security, hacking, exploits, bots, rats, blackmarket, wireless hacking, defacing, coding, tools, cell phones, sms, cdkeys, cracks, hacks, irc, xxx, xxx passwords, fraud, social engineering, phishing WE ARE THE ONLY SITE THAT HAS NO ADS, POPUPS OR BULLSHIT, 100 DEDICATED TO THE MEMBERS WE ARE CURRENTLY RUNNING ON A 1000MBIT DEDICATED LINE, 1GBIT/SECOND PIPE, ONE OF THE FASTEST CONNECTIONS AROUND YOU WILL NOT EVER GET ANY LAG, OR DOWNTIME

World of Hacker
We have variety of members variety Of topics, Fresh Premium Accounts Dumps, Hiring Coder/Programmer Graphics master giving them kool job to do and paying them out.You can't find like us,If you have Coding knowledge pf PHP MYSQL Perl and more or You are very good graphics master here is the place for you. we have better space for you, Advance Hacking, Hacking Tools Programme, Cracking of Web Software,Programming, Contest Competition, Exploits, Vulnerabilities, Anonymiser, Botnet, Zombies, Cryptography, Encryption, Decryption, Graphics Show case, Graphics tutorial, Gaming Section, All kinds of Warez, We have Black hat People, White hat People SO Get in Open Discussion, full Member Support, Computing Support, We show you how to make How to break. We are cyber leader, We have Marketplace for buy and Sell.Joining Community was never so Fun. We are Real, we are safe, we are people world's face.

Cyber-Warrior TIM
Best Security And Hacking Team In Turkey.In This Most Famous Site You Can Find Lots Of Informations About Computer,Website Hacking and You Can Get The Highest Security Clues.


We Are Hackers From Malaysia WAHFM
WAHFM motto ~We inject the code.. We spam the virus.. We change your systems.. We crack your passwords.. We abuse your network.. Not because we hate.. But because we LIKECool~_

Internet Security Ethical Hacking
Complete Resource for Internet Security and Ethical Hacking.

Hack, Crack, Phreaking, Exploits, Tools, Tutorials, E-Books, Forum, XXX and much more... We have everything KEEPING KNOWLEDGE FREE

Carders - Place
you can get credit card details from this forum for free , dumps , tracks , bank accounts and transfers , western union transfers , how to ship electronics items to your home without any trouble and do shopping online .. if you want to learn all this then join this forum

Yahoo Booters, Crackers, Tools. and great VIP area with more porn and software than you could ever stuff into that hard drive

This website is designed to help you learn how you can prevent your computer from HACKERS, CRACKERS, VIRUS, SPY WARE.In this site you will learn how you can keep yourself and your computer safe through ANTI HACKING, SAFE FROM YAHOO BOOTERS, ANTI PHISHING ANTI KEYLOGER programs.You will also learn different hacking tricks such as WEBSITE HACKING, YAHOO HACKING, MSN HACKING, HOTMAIL HACKING, FACEBOOK HACKING etc. and answer to questions such as how you can download premium files from Rapidshare, Megaupload, HotFile or different sharing sites.You can get your website SQL TESTED, HACKING TESTED, WEBSITE REVIEWED or WEBSITE DESIGN REVIEWED for freeIf you join our VIP program you will have more learning benefits then a regular normal user. For example you will have access to learning more programs such as ADVANCE HACKING, CRACKING, BINDING, DNS SPOOFING, REMOTE SQL INJECTION, SHELL UPLOADING,SERVER HACKING, BOOTNET RELATED, DATABASE EXPLOIT and many many more.

SilentHEX Archive Of Hacks
Learn how to hack properly and much more. This site contains a bunch of tutorials ranging from deleting anyone's myspace all the way to stealing cookies from a forum, it is guaranteed to keep you entertained. We have a bunch of Visual Basics 6 Tutorials to learn from as well.

Black Library
Black Library is a hackers Library containing much help and many Tutorials to help you become a great hacker, New tutorials added daily, Join today In Restoring

Hapsira jote
ky eshte nje website ku do te gjeni gjithckaRelax

Hentai Linko
Watch online and download all your favorite movies and Hentai Video.Download adult wallpapers of hentai, animes,celebrities and models

Hackers Portal
All links to hackers utilities on the web, including phreaking, hacking security, filez, progs, warez etc.

We g0t the c0de

Hacker-Challenge DareYourMind
Hacker-Challenge DareYourMind is a website where you can find hacking challenges. Enter the game to entertain your mind and progress in the computer security on H-C. So join us and dare your mind, Thireus. You can also use http://hacker-challenge.new.fr/

hacker-b04 hackers online-hacker school
learn online hacking and be with hackers online, hacking school

Paltalk Cracks Hacks Tweaks
Paltalk Cracks hacks Programs, Tweaks, Exploits, Internet security, VB Codes

InDiAn CyBeR ArMy
indishell.in we give best private tools, fud stealer, undetecable crypters, and many more... Premium stuff is available for all Members For Free.. Many kinds of Premium acces like rapidshare megaupload and others account dumps are available. accountdumps databases will be dumped and manymore.. recently introduced programming sections for learning teaching coding VIP is open as well and more...

HaxMe - Your Security
HaxMe is an innovative, web2.0 project focused around infosec, programming, and technical sciences. We offer challenges like a hackthissite scene which challenge your skillset to the best of your abilities. Our entire site, including our missions, are 100 percent opensource. That, and we have a library of downloads to snatch, videos to watch, and papers to read. Aside from extensive challenges, free source code, and a nice archive - we have a friendly community constantly discussing computer technology, its sciences, and security.

Free Downloads, Cracks, Serials, Keygens, Movies, Mp3s, Games, Xxx.

HackerzHub-Web Security Portal
We are in latest hacking standards of present time.we tell how to secure yourself and make internet a safe place.we provide video tutorial for hacking and security and we update our site daily so all are welcome

More Cracked Software and Yahoo booters than any other site out there. We offer many tutorials on YAHOO

BlackBay.org Way Hacking and Warez
BlackBay.org is Back with alot of changes where u can easily find hacking tools and tutorials.We also post some fresh accounts included rapidshare and megaupload so what are you waiting for join us ref me as spidy

iExploit - Hacking and Security
iExploit now has lots of hacking challenges up Also exclusive video archive and papers on reverse engineering, exploit writing, web app security and more

forum, services, databases, scanners, encryption, irc-bots, google dorks, miscellaneous, others, etc.

Hacking Challenges
Trythis0ne is a free project that offers you to challenge yourself in different subjects, such as Hacking, Cracking, Crypto Stegano, Reversing, Programming and much more.

Esoteric Code
Messenger Protocol Reverse engineering and Exploiting, Yahoo, AIM, MSN. Besides these programs you will find many useful applications and exploit tools. There is also source codes for C, php, VB and perl. My forums has sections where you can request help.

A new hacker wargames site with around 30 challenges but with a lot more including a forum, videos, tutorials/articles and hacking tools. Please join and become part of the community. Any improvement suggestions for the site are also welcomed. New: also added myspace and youtube media grabber

Hacking - Security - Cracking - Programming - And more, Come join us

Nuclear Winter Crew
Crew with own programs, including socks daemons, scanners, trojans, keyloggers, remote administration tools, binders, downloaders, variety of tools. Around 60 released programs and sources.

VC Tools - Flooders Elite Team
Flooders Elite Team is a team of elite people who have been chosen by ViRuS_C to work as one unit of a elite group. We are here to show DC how weak they are and make the hub ownersaware of there weak security set up on there hub software.

InSecurity.Ro - ISR Security Team
Welcome to InSecurity.Ro, a nice community about hacking / security / pentesting. If you are looking by aserious clean board, where you can learn about these domains, here it's the best choice that you can do. JOIN REGISTER. Thanks TinKode

Bekasi Cyber Community
The Best Hacker Community From Bekasi

Yahoo Fresh Hacker
Just Visit Our Website

Proxy List
Proxy List

web porn ina

Andhra Hackers
Live for INDIA or Leave INDIA Andhra Hackers is not for teaching Hacking,its for protecting common users not to get hacked

Anonymous Surfing
Surf the web anonymously. Bypass any firewall and get updated free proxy lists every day

The School Of IT education ITMadrasa
The school of it education itmadrasa

-- ExtremeHackerz.blogspot.com is Here ,Get free rapidshare unlocked accounts Credit Cards Cvv Vcc Etc . 1000 of downloads, streaming videos, ftp downloads, warez downloads, huge log dumps, Porn Accounts all you need is availible. stealers, crypters, latest tutorials, gfx, every thing you need is here just register and Get.

Flyninja Dot Net is a place to find all sorts of shit. From lifestyle to culture, experiments to proven exploitation, this place in cyberspace serves as a unique deposit of information. A lot of hacking type sites seem to aim at creating a super-elite or semi section of the web and play host to more technical content. Flyninja is diverse in the content it produces, as well our posts are original articles, and our downloads are mainly documentation procured from around the net. Flyninja Dot Net is a Digital Manifestation for Hackers, Gamers, and Geeks

Academy Of hacking
Hellowz All. Welcome to the Academy of Hacking. Perfect Forum for All kind of Hacking, Security And Pentesting.If You are passionate about whatever we are doing in here... Get in or buzz off. Disclaimer-This forum is only created for educational purpose. Furthermore, topics posted here might be considered to be extremely dangerous and AOH is not responsible for any damage that may occur while using the code.If you do not agree to this disclaimers, then you can plz leave.

elitter.net Security
elitter.net security's forum contains unique information about many topics related to information security. We also provide Free Shells Web Hosting.

The forum with learning web design and more and software downloads.

Hot Vids - The Best Porn Is Here
All about hot videos, ass, pussy, teens, amateur, photos A bit of everything

Cyber Terrorists
Cyberterrorists is a place where you can find all sort of hacking tools and tutorials . Noobs can come here to learn stuff from the masters. The masters are here to show-off what the cyberterrorists crew can do .

hacking,programing,download sections, tutorials, carding and much more.. Just visit ull see

Transmission Hacking
Free 100 clean keyloggers, stealers, RATs, crypters, binders, phishers, bombers, and more no registration needed. HUGE RAT archive check it out today.

Astalavista Security Group - The Underground
Astalavista.com is among the world's most popular and comprehensive computer and network security web sites, providing its visitors with various underground/hacking/security related resources. If you can't find it at Astalavista.com, you can't find it anyware, period.

Kold Fussion
php themes, php editing, custom templates and yahoo programs

SpCial SeCuriTy BL09
Security Tutorials Tools NEW Software Tips Tricks Language English Language Arabic HaCk1n9 Security Tutorials 2009 and inchaalah 2010 By Diablo.... Dot not Forget add your comment

Hacking DataBase
So...you want to be a hacker, huh This is a state of mind

Romania Hackers Zone
cel mai mare site/forum de hacking si /in/securitate pentru romani .. aici gasiti utilitare/tutoriale/video/exploituri private join us ...EOF...

Zer0-0ne blog
zer0-0ne blog for new exlpoits ,Vulnerabilitys and more

Tools Source By MRCl0cK

Th3-0uTl4wS : a good place to learn and to give knowledge.

Free Proxy Lists
Freeproxylists.com is a database of fresh and functioning proxy servers that are tested hourly. We provide many types of proxy servers and information about them.

-SUCK-O V2 NOW ONLINE-Hacking/Coding/Web Development - Friendly forums and a huge high quality download section with no dead links. If you are annoyed by oh-so-1337 smattering sites plastered with ads, no useful content and lame forced voting then join our knowledge-pool...we're independent and non-commercial. Receive help on the boards and have fun with our wargames.

Daily custom cracked passwords for TOP ADULT WEBSITES Check out our great members section

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You will learn security here No More ; )

Namp Free Security Scanner For Network Exploration & Hacking. Download open source software for Redhat Linux,Microsoft Windows,UNIX,FreeBSD,
Acunetix  Acunetix WVS automatically checks web applications for SQL Injections, cross site scripting and many other vulnerabilities. It also includes a number of advanced penetration testing tools to ease manual security audit processes, and has also the ability to create professional security audit and regulatory compliance reports.
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